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Tomatoes and peppers

  • Arctic Circle

    Arctic Circle

    Compact bush-type, bred in Canada especially for cool-climate, short-season gardening. Bright scarlet fruit, mix of sizes, sweet and tangy taste.

  • Aurora


    So called for the Aurora Borealis. A bush variety from Siberia, germinates at low temperatures and grows well in cool conditions - good for outdoors. Large, slightly flattened, juicy red fruit which ripens early.

  • Stupice


    A cordon tomato, productive cropper, ripening early with an abundance of medium-sized, tangy red fruits. Grows and ripens well outdoors.

  • Silver Fir Tree

    Silver Fir Tree

    A Russian heirloom. Compact bush plants with unusual finely-divided ferny foliage. Crops early with large, sweet delicious red fruits. Good for container growing, too.

  • Red Centiflor

    Red Centiflor

    Aptly named tomato producing literally 100s of flowers and fruits in huge sprays in many trusses. Sweet tasty round red cherry tomatoes.

  • Mexican midget

    Mexican midget

    Tall vining plants with well-spaced trusses, loaded with delicious red cherry tomatoes. The fruit holds well over a long period. Produces well outdoors with good blight resistance.

  • Caro Rich

    Caro Rich

    A beautiful smooth orange fruiting variety with medium to large fruit; quite dense flesh, good for sauces. 10 times as much beta-carotene as usual. A cordon type with high fruit yields.

  • Broad Ripple Currant

    Broad Ripple Currant

    A small, tasty, yellow currant tomato, reputedly found growing through a crack in the pavement in Ohio. Slender vines need support for huge trusses of tiny fruit. Can be grown outdoors. Good blight resistance.

  • Polen


    A cordon variety that produces many sprays of small, golden, plum-shaped fruit. Sweet and delicious, it fruits late into the Originally from Poland, through the Gatersleben genebank.

  • Yellow Scotland

    Yellow Scotland

    This 'Northern' yellow cordon variety fruits over a long season with quantities of medium/large, round sweet fruits. A delight to taste.

  • Zelta Gailis

    Zelta Gailis

    A heritage variety, vigorous cordon giving heavy trusses of long large yellow plum fruits (up to 14cm long). Good for both slicing fresh and cooking.

  • Tom's Green Zebra

    Tom's Green Zebra

    This is a beautiful fruit. Golden-yellow striped deep green with wonderfully sweet tart emerald flesh, bred by tomato enthusiast Tom Wagner.

  • Black Plum

    Black Plum

    A productive heirloom variety from Russia. A cordon, loaded with fruit ripening from mid-August. The tomatoes are a rich red mahogany colour, plum-shaped, and are delicious in salads and excellent for sauces.

  • Sniega Pika

    Sniega Pika

    One of our Latvian varieties that were trialled by members last year. This one had a good write up form the guardian Jennifer Wilson, so we grew it on at Capparoe this summer.

  • Lipstick


    A dependable cropper under cover, even in cool summers. Cone-shaped fruits, ripening to glossy bright red with delicious sweet flavour, either raw or cooked.

  • Mila's Bulgarian Red

    Mila's Bulgarian Red

    Beautiful, long, tapering, juicy, thick-walled scarlet peppers growing on vigorous strong plants up to 1m tall. Many of the peppers were 10-15cm long. Delicious fruity flavour.

  • Antohi Romanian

    Antohi Romanian

    Brought from Romania by Jan Antohi; produces good upright plants which give a heavy yield of tapered, sweet and flavoursome, scarlet-red peppers.

  • Chocolate Miniature

    Chocolate Miniature


    Dwarf plants with many chocolate-coloured peppers. Mild and sweet-flavoured. Chunky texture, so ideal for stuffing and roasting.

  • Elefantenrussel Chilli

    Elefantenrussel Chilli

    A European heirloom variety. Tall plants with long delicate branches bearing huge quantities of long slender chillis. Starting dark green they ripen to a brilliant yellow with sweet medium/hot flavour.

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