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All our seed is Open Pollinated, grown in Ireland. Beside each variety a symbol tells you where it’ s been grown:
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Late Maincrop

These are potato varieties that produce high yields of good storage potatoes if given the right conditions. Typically, eating quality improves with time. Given our wet, mild summers and prevalence of potato blight this is not always possible using organic growing techniques. It may be as well to treat like a maincrop variety and leave the potatoes to "ripen" in the ground for some months before lifting from October on. Beware of heavy Winter frosts - which can freeze and kill tubers in unprotected ground.

  • Arran Victory (1918, Scotland)

    Arran Victory (1918, Scotland)

    A terrific all-round potato, producing strong, vigorous stems with large, weed-suppressing foliage. Needs a long growing season and large drills to produce its huge crop. Tubers are round, dark blue / purple-skinned with white, floury flesh. Has good cooking qualities and excellent flavour. Immune to wart disease.

  • Butes / Beauties (Pre-1936, Ireland)

    Butes / Beauties (Pre-1936, Ireland)

    Very rare old variety which was never commercialised, this potato came to us through Thomas Harrington and Mary Grady of Kilmore. Maintained for many years by Danny Lynch of Kilmore, Butes were renowned in coastal parts of Kerry for having survived the potato blight in 1845 and '46. They are a round, white-skinned tuber with eyes of medium depth, which keep very well. Need space when grown in drills (16 - 18" apart), and need to grow-on well to produce a bulk of potatoes.

  • Cara (1973, Ireland)

    Cara (1973, Ireland)

    An excellent all-round potato with medium blight resistance and high yields, Cara produce beautiful large tubers with pink eyes and creamy yellow skin. Eating quality is good with medium-to-high dry matter content. The first big success of Ireland's potato breeding programme at Oak Park in Carlow.

  • Champion (1863, Scotland)

    Champion (1863, Scotland)

    This was a dominant variety in the potatoe industry during the latter years of the 19th Century. At the time it showed a hight level of blight resistance. Distinctively rounded tubers, white in colour. Deep eyes, smooth skin and excellent cooking quality.
    N.B The seed tubers are very small this year.

  • Clada (1978, Ireland)

    Clada (1978, Ireland)

    Bred at Oak Park in Carlow with Ulster Premier in its parentage, Clada is a white to yellow-skinned round potato with shallow eyes and white flesh. Very high dry matter content and good blight resistance make this a good variety to try. Crops well with many large tubers produced.

  • Dunbar Standard (1936, Scotland)

    Dunbar Standard (1936, Scotland)

    A good variety which produces tall, strong stems with massive leaves. Tubers are large, long and oval with white skin and flesh and shallow eyes. High dry matter content and good cooking quality make it a favourite in the kitchen, but blight resistance is low to medium. Raised by Charles Spense of Dunbar, Scotland.

  • Irene (1953, Netherlands)

    Irene (1953, Netherlands)

    A lovely eating potato with very floury yellow flesh and attractive red / purple skin, Irene produce a fair yield of medium oval tubers. Flavour is good and disease resistance reasonable, particularly to late blight on leaves and tubers. A particularly good storage potato.

  • Peru Purple (Date unknown, Peru)

    Peru Purple (Date unknown, Peru)

    Out of Stock for 2012
    Very unusual variety returned to us by Tony Tobin. Peru Purple produce long, narrow tubers with dark purple skin and flesh - full of anthocyanins which are beneficial in the diet as anti-oxidants, and to protect the skin from UV-rays. Potatoes are floury when cooked with fair flavour.

  • Tom Wagner

    Tom Wagner

    These potatoes have been grown now for a couple of years from the true seed, given to us by potato breeder Tom Wagner. If you want to try a totally new potato this is for you. Red, roundish tubers grew reasonably well given the summer!

  • Sarpo Axona (2003, Hungary)

    Sarpo Axona (2003, Hungary)

    One of the Sarpo varieties bred by the Sarvori family in Hungary. Good vigour and high blight resistance make it a popular choice although flesh is somewhat waxy when cooked, but improves after storage, or if allowed to fully mature in the field. Produces large oval tubers with pink skin. Flavour is reputed to be slightly better than Mira, but opinions vary.

  • Sarpo Mira (2003, Hungary)

    Sarpo Mira (2003, Hungary)

    Very closely related to the Sarpo Axona, Mira can produce huge tubers if allowed to (one report had a tuber at 12 long in the ground) and are also very resistant to late blight. Similar in appearance to Axona with large oval tubers with pink / red skin. Cutting haulms in August will also prevent the formation of monstrously-large potatoes! Again, blight resistance is excellent.

  • Tibet (date unknown, Tibet)

    Tibet (date unknown, Tibet)

    Brought back from a market in Nepal and reputed to have come from Tibet. Produces a round tuber with medium deep eyes, skin is varied between pink and yellow with floury yellow flesh of good flavour. Produces vigorous upright stalks with beautiful purple flowers with yellow centres that keep coming all season. Requires a long time to produce a bulk crop but does crop heavily if dug from October onwards. Excellent blight resistance.

  • Up-to-Date (1894, Scotland)

    Up-to-Date (1894, Scotland)

    An Archibald Findlay classic which was exported worldwide and was the original Cyprus potato. Produces beautiful pale lilac flowers. Its late maturing foliage and susceptibility to blight can cause problems but large crops of quality waxy tubers are possible.

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