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Supporters Organic Seed Catalogue

When you become a supporter of the Irish Seed Savers you are entitled to FREE seeds and FREE potato seeds from our supporter's catalogue. On the left of this page you can download an order form. Please post in your completed order form and we'll have your seeds off to you as soon as possible.

Grains (including Linseed)

  • Suffolk linseed

    Suffolk linseed

    Easy to grow your own. Linseed is full of essential fatty acids & is a great health food. Sown in spring you will be treated to delicate satiny sky-blue flowers every day before pods ripen full of seeds.

  • Dr Stewarts

    Dr Stewarts

    The seed of this variety was donated to us in 1997 by a Dr. Stewart fo Bective, Co. Meath. It produces a much larger seed than ordinary varieties of linseed and is low growing making it suitable to grow in more exposted locations. It yielded very well in the grow out at Capparoe this summer.

  • Temuco

    Temuco (Quinoa)

    This is a small grain that comes from the Inca peoples of south America, very nutitious and high in protein and essential amino acids. Easy to grow. The grain contains bitter saponins that need to be washed out before use.

  • Donegal Oats

    Donegal Oats

    This came from our collection of Irish heritage grains, belonging to the ancestors of the more modern cultivated varieties. They were often known as grey or black oats, reliable to give a good crop on the most marginal of land. Best sown in Spring, this oat is also particularly visually appealing when growing, being a bristle-pointed oat.

  • Spelt


    A beautiful grain coming back into use a lot recently due to its lower gluten levels than modern-bred wheat. Best sown in October, although can still produce a crop if sown in Spring - the seed should be vernalised by our storage in fridges. Harvest the grains in August / September when they're fully ripened. Needs many hands to thresh if there's no access to a mechanical thresher, but it's a nice job for a rainy afternoon!

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