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When you become a supporter of the Irish Seed Savers you are entitled to FREE seeds and FREE potato seeds from our supporter's catalogue. On the left of this page you can download an order form. Please post in your completed order form and we’ ll have your seeds off to you as soon as possible.
All our seed is Open Pollinated, grown in Ireland. Beside each variety a symbol tells you where it’ s been grown:
ISSA − Irish Seed Savers association
S.G. − Seed Guardian
C.O. − Certified Organic

Flowers and Herbs (A - Annual, P - Perennial, B - Biennial)

  • Calendula Marigold

    Calendula Marigold − A − CO − ISSA

    Easy to grow, with cheerful yellow, gold and orange flowers. Self-seeds easily. Good for companion planting. Flower petals can be eaten in salads and have lots of medicinal uses.

  • Wild Evening Primroses

    Wild Evening Primroses − A − CO − ISSA

    Beautiful spires of yellow. Flowers that open in the evening. Tall striking plant, self seeds easily.

  • Purple poppy

    Purple poppy − A − CO − ISSA

    Easy to grow summer blooms of wide mauve frilly flowers. Light blue/green foliage and ornamental seed pods good for drying. Self-seeds easily.

  • Tree lupins

    Tree lupins − P − CO − ISSA

    Vigourous woody shrub with lovely lupin like bright yellow flowers in early summer. Beneficial in the garden as an insect attractant and also fix nitrogen in the soil. Prune hard in autumn/winter to keep them vigourous and healthy

  • French Marigold – Pinwheel metamorph

    French Marigold, (Tagetes Patula)- Pinwheel metamorph - A - CO - ISSA

    These attracted more attention than anything else last summer in the gardens and tunnels. They came from Alan Kapuler’s Peace Seeds in Oregon. Tall plants up to 1m high − with the pungent distinctive smell of tagetes marigolds − the flowers are brilliant bold deep red, yellow−gold in dramatic stripes of each. Very good as a companion plant attracting beneficial insects, the smell useful for confusing pests

  • Sacred basil

    Sacred basil − A − CO − ISSA

    This is a hardy cousin of the usual basil. It produces smaller, sweetly pungent leaves. Attracts hundreds of bees when in flower. It is easy to grow and produces well outdoors as well as under cover. Can be used in salad, pestos, sauces and herb teas.

  • Sweet Mona's dill

    Sweet Mona's dill − A − CO − ISSA

    Very easy to grow, sow in April, with lovely aromatic ferny leaves, used in salads, pickles and sauces. The seeds are also used for flavouring (particularly in gherkins) Lovely flowers, with clear lemon−yellow heads, attractive to any beneficial insects.

  • Favorito coriander

    Favorito coriander − A− CO − ISSA

    This is widely selected for leaf production. Sow thinly then cut when about 15cm high. May be cut several times, before eventually running to seed, which can also be harvested. For a continual supply of this delicious flavoursome herb, sow in succession every few weeks through spring and summer.

  • Yerevan parsley

    Yerevan parsley − A − CO − ISSA

    Good hardy landrace parsley from an Armenian market place (as the name suggests). Flat−leaved, of good flavour and hardy large clumps, which we picked from all through the winter outdoors.

  • Woad

    Woad (Isatis tinctoria) − B − CO − ISSA

    Woad has been used for centuries to obtain a blue dye; a crop of such importance that it is mentioned in an 8th century law text. The manufacture of woad dye is quite elaborate: leaves crushed; moulded into balls; then dried and fermented 2 or 3 times. A hundredweight of leaves yields 10lbs of dye. It is also a herb of traditional Chinese medicine, the roots having anti−viral and anti−cancer properties. It is used to help reduce inflammation and fever. It is easy to grow − Richard Mabey describes it as “an attractive plant with 1m high stems; long succulent leaves which shine like stained glass; with inner immanent blue, foamy clusters and brilliant yellow flowers; pendant fiddle shaped seeds”. A favourite also for flower arrangers.

  • Tondo di Firenze Sunflower

    Tondo di Firenze Sunflower − A − CO − ISSA

    Magnificent giant of a sunflower with huge bright yellow sunflower heads, giving a good quantity of edible seeds.

  • California poppy

    California poppy (Eschscholzia) − A − CO − ISSA

    Brilliant orange flowers that continue opening throughout the summer. Intense colour that brings you joy even on the greyest day. Lovely fine blue/green pinnate foliage. We’ve grown these several years around the gardens at Capparoe but this was the first summer dry enough to harvest seed which develop inside very long thin pods. Best grown in full sun.

  • Aquilegia

    Aquilegia − P − CO − ISSA

    Hardy perennial. Graceful plant with delicate mauve−pink flowers and tall stems above a mound of scalloped foliage. Flowers May/June. Seed heads can be dried for winter display.

  • Wildflower mix

    Wildflower mix − CO − ISSA

    A mix of brightly−coloured flowering annuals and biennials which attract butterflies, bees and other insects to your garden or orchard. Flowers April−September. Various spp. − including poppies, pink campion, corn marigolds, calendula, foxgloves & evening primrose.

  • Seed Savers Sunflowers

    Seed Savers Sunflowers − A − CO − ISSA

    Wonderful big brilliant yellow heads several per plant, producing quantities of jet black seeds, that are very edible and delicious.

  • Moss curled

    Moss curled − B − S.G

    Lush curled deep green leaves, nicely flavoured that hold over a long period.

  • Karen Hermes Flat leaf

    Karen Hermes Flat leaf − B − CO − ISSA

    An excellent parsley which was saved for many years by bio-dynamic grower Karen Hermes. Stood well through the winter so could be picked all year round.

  • Cornflower

    Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) − A − CO − ISSA

    Sadly a rare sight in cornfields these days, these vibrant indigo wildflowers brighten up any garden and are a beautiful addition to a vase of cut flowers.

  • Poppy mix

    Poppy mix − A − CO − ISSA

    This is a mix of various shades of poppy, pink, magenta, mauve purple and some with frilly petals or double blooms! Easy to grow, direct sow, self seed easily.

  • Golden Amaranthus

    Golden Amaranthus − A − CO − ISSA

    This is a stunning ornamental with vibrant golden tassel flowers, holding over a long season. It is also a vegetable, the young leaves can be eaten, and the seeds though small, are a highly nutritious grain once a sacred food of the Aztec’s.

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