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When you become a supporter of the Irish Seed Savers you are entitled to FREE seeds and FREE potato seeds from our supporter's catalogue. On the left of this page you can download an order form. Please post in your completed order form and we’ ll have your seeds off to you as soon as possible.
All our seed is Open Pollinated, grown in Ireland. Beside each variety a symbol tells you where it’ s been grown:
ISSA − Irish Seed Savers association
S.G. − Seed Guardian
C.O. − Certified Organic

First Earlies

First Earlies are traditionally the first potatoes to be planted, before St. Patrick's Day (March 17th). Be careful of late frosts - keep earthed up. They should mature by early July. Space tubers 10" apart in drills at 24" spacing. Not the best for storage so are usually eaten first. You can keep tubers for replanting in cool, dry, dark, frost-free conditions - developing sprouts will have to be knocked off in Autumn/Winter to keep.
Please note that there are limited quantities of some varieties, so be sure to include a list of second choices in the order form.
We will try our best to send you what you ordered, but in the case where a variety runs out we will substitute with the closest alternative available.
As always, the earlier you send in your order the more likely you are to get your chosen varieties, so do send them in as soon as you can. The final date for dispatching orders is Friday April 5th 2013.

  • Arran Pilot (1930 Scotland)

    Arran Pilot (1930) Scotland

    Out of stock for 2013 One of the famous "Arran" collection bred by Donald MacKelvie on the Isle of Arran in Scotland. Arran Pilot was his most successful variety. In its early days it dominated the first early potato market, and is still popular among gardeners. Flesh is firm and waxy with good flavour.

  • Ballydoon (1931 Scotland)

    Ballydoon (1931 Scotland)

    Out of stock for 2013
    A large white-skinned variety with floury flesh, Ballydoon is prized for its flavour & cooking characteristics. Bred by John Watson of Ayre, as part of his Doon series.

  • Duke of York (1891 Scotland)

    Duke of York (1891 Scotland)

    Out of stock for 2013
    Bred by William Sim of Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, the Duke of York has a good reputation for high quality potatoes with excellent flavour. Waxy when first dug, they develop a higher dry matter content after storage and become quite a versatile floury potato.

  • Delaway cabbage photograph

    Epicure (1897, England)

    Out of stock for 2013
    Epicure produce round deep-eyed potatoes with a slight pink flush when first dug. Prized for its ability to recover after frost. It has been said that Epicure were traditionally used to feed pigs - although their floury texture and tastiness would lead me to think that a bit wasteful!

  • Home Guard (1942, Scotland)

    Home Guard (1942, Scotland)

    Out of stock for 2013
    Introduced by McGill & Smith of Ayre during World War II and championed by members of the Home Guard, this is a popular variety among gardeners and crops very early. Tubers are oval shaped with shallow eyes.

  • Land Leaguers / Garden Filler / Hibernia (Pre-1905, Ireland)

    Land Leaguers/Garden Filler/Hibernia (Pre-1905, Ireland)

    Out of stock for 2013
    Continually a very popular choice, especially in Co. Clare where it was the standard first early to grow, Land Leaguers produce a violet purple-skinned oval tuber with a characteristic ring under the skin. Its floury flesh is light yellow.

  • Lady Christl (1996, The Netherlands)

    Lady Christl (1996, The Netherlands)

    Out of stock for 2013
    A new addition to the collection, grown from the winning tubers at the Clare County show 2009. Lady Christl produces a large, early crop of waxy potatoes that have good disease resistance. Tubers are very clean, white and smooth-skinned - as one would expect from a relatively modern variety.

  • May Queen (1900, England)

    May Queen (1900, England)

    Out of stock for 2013
    A long oval-shaped, white-skinned variety with soft white flesh and semi-floury texture. Can produce massive examples if given the right conditions. Yields well with good flavour. Raised by Mr. Walker of Bishop's Cleeve, near Cheltenham.

  • Pentland Javelin (1968, Scotland)

    Pentland Javelin (1968, Scotland)

    Out of stock for 2013
    A good quality early, bred by Jack Dunnett at the Pentland Field Station. Tubers are rounded, white-skinned with good disease resistance, including resistance to potato eelworm. Yielded well this year.

  • Red Duke of York (1942, Netherlands)

    Red Duke of York (1942, Netherlands)

    Out of stock for 2013
    The Red Duke was found growing in a field of Duke of York in Holland and was bulked up from there. Also known as Rode Eesteling. An excellent all-round potato with high yields, oval red tuber and good flavour with floury flesh.

  • Sharpe's Express (1900, England)

    Sharpe's Express (1900, England)

    Out of Stock for 2013
    Bred by Charles Sharpe of Sleaford, producing a long oval tuber with high dry-matter content and excellent flavour. Very floury - avoid over boiling!

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