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When you become a supporter of the Irish Seed Savers you are entitled to FREE seeds and FREE potato seeds from our supporter's catalogue. On the left of this page you can download an order form. Please post in your completed order form and we’ ll have your seeds off to you as soon as possible.
All our seed is Open Pollinated, grown in Ireland. Beside each variety a symbol tells you where it’ s been grown:
ISSA − Irish Seed Savers association
S.G. − Seed Guardian
C.O. − Certified Organic

Brussels Sprouts (B. oleracea var. gemmifera)

  • Balbriggan brussels sprouts

    Balbriggan brussels sprouts – CO – ISSA

    Grown out on field scale, this landrace really held its own on the windy waterlogged hilltop. The plants that didn't thrive were rogued out – so the overall hardiness and vigour of the variety will hold true. These are mostly large plants with large sprouts, holding through the winter – though as with most landraces there is some variation.

  • Irish Glacier

    Irish Glacier – CO – ISSA

    Once a very popular variety especially with commercial growers, it was given to us from the Wellsbourne gene bank. Barry Murphy who made the original on farm collection of Irish brassicas describes it as an ourstanding variety, gone before his time with small tight sprouts, good for freezing. Plants are very neat and uniform. It lives on as a parent to the modern F1 variety Lunet bred in Holland.

  • Winter Roscoff

    Cauliflower(Brassica oleracea var. botytris)

    Winter Roscoff – CO – ISSA

    This great cauliflower was collected in Co. Dublin in 1982 from an elderly farmer, and produces magnificent curds. Sow July / August and plant out in September for an early crop the following spring; can also be grown in tunnels over winter for an even earlier crop. To keep curds from discolouring as they mature, cover up with the upturned leaves and stump of a cauliflower already harvested.

  • Verdante

    Calabrese Broccoli (Brassica oleracea var.italica)

    Verdante – CO – ISSA

    Of Italian origin, we grew this calabrese over the winter – sown August in the tunnel, it produced lovely big flavoursome green heads in early Spring. The overall cropping and small side shoots went on for a long time – very useful to avoid a 'glut'. Tastes both tender and delicious. Grows well outdoors through the summer – we have trialled it outdoors in previous years.

  • Lily white

    Sea Kale (Crambe maritima)
    Lily white – CO – ISSA

    This is a perennial crop so requires a permanent site. It has distinctive grey/blue green fleshy leaves and gives a beautiful display of pure white flowers in late spring. However as a food crop it is the early shoots (like asparagus) that are eaten raw or cooked. They are best when blanched so put a thick layer of straw over them in autumn/winter. Don't start cropping until the second year. The seeds come in a little roundish fruit each containing only one seed, which are sown whole.

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