ISSA e-zine 16 September 2011

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  • Apple Weekend September 24 and 25...

  • Seed Network Grant...

  • Upcoming Workshops...

  • What To Do In The Garden This Week...

Apple Weekend September 24 and 25

All the staff here are busy preparing for our best Apple Weekend ever in celebration of Irish Seed Savers 20th Anniversary. Remember that Saturday September 24 is a free day exclusively for supporters (members) of Seed Savers, while Sunday September 25 is open to the public.

We have a great line-up of cookery demonstrations, talks, craft demonstrations, children's activities, and of course apple tasting! Remember that there is no parking on site for the weekend, but there will be free shuttle buses leaving every 10 minutes from the national school in Scariff, just 3 miles away. Follow the signs in Scariff to parking at the national school, and keep in mind that no dogs are allowed that day so please leave your furry friends at home!

Admission is €5 per adult, free for supporters and children

Below is a schedule of events for the day. (This is still a tentative schedule and subject to change)

    For Saturday

    Cookery Demonstrations

  • Cheesemaking 13:00 with Sinead ni Gharbhaith.
  • Japanese Cookery 14:00 with Tomomi Kawashima.
  • Gluten-Free Cooking 15:00 with Cate Conway.
  • Carrageenan Jelly and Veg stir fry with Seaweed 16:00 with Ger Talty.

  • Talks

  • Vegetables and Farming in Early Ireland 13:00 Dr. Cathy Swift, Mary Immaculate College of Education, Limerick
  • The Apple - DNA Finger Printing 14:00 Dr. Seán MacAntSaoir, AFBI Loughgall, Co. Armagh
  • Understanding Pollination 15:00 Dr. Michael Hennerty
  • Seed Saving Questions and Answers 16:00 Jo Newton, Irish Seed Savers Seed Bank Curator

    For Sunday

    Cookery Demonstrations

  • Cheesemaking 13:00 with Sinead ni Gharbhaith.
  • Japanese Cookery 14:00 with Tomomi Kawashima.
  • Darina Allen Cookery Demonstration 15:00 Darina Allen.
  • Gluten-Free Cooking 16:00 Cate Conway.

  • Talks

  • Trees on Their Own Roots 13:00 Kevin Dudley, Fruit and Veg grower, former ISSA Orchard Coordinator
  • Fruit Growing Experiences From Around the World 14:00 Dr. Michael Hennerty
  • Vegetables and Farming in Early Ireland 15:00 Dr. Cathy Swift, Mary Immaculate College of Education, Limerick
  • Seed Saving Questions and Answers 16:00 Jo Newton, Irish Seed Savers Seed Bank Curator


Apple Basket

Matteo amongst the nursery trees

Seed Network Grant

Irish Seed Savers has been awarded a grant from the Irish Environmental Network to establish a network of seed saving organisations in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. We share similar maritime growing conditions with these other regions, and a seed and information-sharing network will help all of us respond to the proposed new EU seed legislation due to come out in 2012. We're planning to host a seed saving conference and seed swap in Ennis, County Clare in early March, 2012. More details will be forthcoming in the e-zine and in our winter newsletter for supporters as plans progress.

Seed Varieties

Upcoming Workshops

  • Polytunnel winter crops (full day) - Saturday 17th September : This course will focus on ways to keep your polytunnel productive with veg throughout autumn, winter and early spring.

  • Rustic Furniture (full day) - Sunday 18th September: In this hands-on workshop,participants will learn to make a chair or stool using natural wood branches and sisal rope for the seat.

  • Wind Turbines (Full day) - Saturday 15th October: - This course will give you an overview of domestic wind turbines, siting, energy output,how to build your own if you choose.

  • Vegetarian Cookery (1/2 day) - Sunday 16th October: - A practical introduction to gathering herbs from the wild for use as food.

  • Trees for food (full day) - Thursday 20th October: - A look at different systems for combining traditional farming or gardening with tree crops.

What to do in the garden this week

  • A wonderful month in the vegetable garden, if the weather is kind enough it allows the final ripening of pumpkins, drying beans and onions. But, it can be miserable, so you will need to find somewhere dry and airy to finish off the drying process.

  • Make a plan of your vegetable plot, noting what is growing where. This will be really helpful when planning for next years crop rotation.

  • Loads of green fruits on your outdoor tomatoes? Don’t let them go to waste. Pull up the plants, then hang them upside down in a greenhouse or shed or lay the plants on straw and cover with cloches. Another option is to pick the fruits and put them in brown paper bags, or a drawer. Add a ripe apple or banana to speed up the ripening, but don't do any of these too early as they won't ripen at all.

  • Lift all potatoes, particulary where slugs are active. Leave the tubers out to dry for a day or two before storing (indoors if the weather is wet). Store only undamaged tubers, in a dark frost-free place, in paper sacks or egg boxes for seed. Temperatures between 10-15 °C promote the development of a layer of protective corky tissue on the skin, and the healing of any minor wounds. After 2-3 weeks move them to a cooler spot, at temperatures between 5-10 °C

  • There is still time to sow some green manures for a winter cover crop.

Kind regards,
Chrys Gardener
Project Manager

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Co. Clare
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