ISSA e-zine 11 Feb 2011

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  • Minister of Agriculture Reverses Position on Irish Ban on GM Crops...

  • Apple Tree Wassailing at ISSA...

Minister of Agriculture Reverses Position on Irish Ban on GM Crops

With the Green Party out of the coalition, Minister for Agriculture Brendan Smith has reversed the policy to abstain on EU decisions to allow GM ingredients into the food chain. The Food Safety Authority is going along with this decision despite the fact that the affects of GM ingredients on human health have not been well-studied. Irish Seed Savers supports a GM-free Ireland, and we encourage our supporters who agree to make their voices heard by sending letters or emails to Minister Smith stating their opposition to this reversal. We need to make it clear to Minister Smith that the Irish people are committed to having a safe food supply, and we do not wish to harm Ireland's good reputation as the 'food island'.

Read more about this issue in Thursday's Irish Times:

If you want to print out petitions to sign, go to the GM Free Ireland website:

Or sign an online petition here:

Apple Tree Wassailing at ISSA

You are all invited to a Wassailing party at Irish Seed Savers on Friday, February 18 at 6 pm. Wassailing the apple trees is an old English custom to wake the apple trees up from their winter sleep and encourage them to have a good harvest. Bring musical instruments and songs to help wake up the trees, and a dish to pass for afterward. We'll have a bonfire in the orchard and a music session.

For more information on the history of wassailing:

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