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Genetic Heritage Ireland

Genetic Heritage Ireland has endeavoured to promote the conservation of traditional Irish cereal varieties. With the financial support of the Department of Agriculture a number of collections of wheat, barley and oats of Irish origin have been acquired from Ireland and seed banks across Europe and North America. These varieties have been conserved by Michael ...

ISSA Grain Project – by Michael Miklis, ISSA

Report 2002It seems that the Heritage Grain Project reached its goal: to locate, repatriate and propagate cereals of Irish origin and store them in the IGRCT Gene bank.Success!On a personal level I am very delighted to have been able to do this work as it (was) challenging, as well as satisfying. On a wider level ...

Recovering Traditional Native Grains

As the mechanisation of agriculture became more and more widespread in Europe, and grains suited to the new farming methods, rather than local conditions, ousted native varieties, most countries established collections of their native grains.Such a collection was never established in Ireland for a number of social and political reasons. In 1996 I encouraged ISSA ...

Traditional Irish grains (images)

Michael Miklis in Piltown, Kilkenny, initiated this project. Suffice it is to say that Michael, over the years, has returned to production an irreplaceable Irish resource. More Irish native varieties are being tracked down worldwide. Their potential for animal and human food, bedding and thatch is enormous.We are due to visit Michael ...

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