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Sowing Flax seed

There are many ways to sow Flax. You can broadcast them if you wanted a whole patch, or sow them in shallow drills which we actually prefer.We spaced the drills 8" apart so that we could hoe between them to suppress weeds. They can certainly grow much closer than this if weeds aren't an issue. ...

Flax Project – Final Appendix

Table 1 Varieties of linseed- Dept. of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Recommended List (E:linseed 2 teagasc.htm)Classification and Variety Relative Yield at 9% Moisture % Oil at 9% Moisture Stem Length 9=short Resistance to lodging 9=good Earliness of ripening 9=early (G) ...

Flax project part 2

Figure 3.2 The correlation between mean weight of seed and the precentage of oil extracted using the soxhlet procedure from each seed. Flax Linseed3.2.1 Correlations within varieties Table 3.2. presents the mean percentage of seed weight, oil yield and fatty acids profile of seeds from both locations. From this table it became apparent ...

Flax project-Bibliography

  Allman, M. (1995) 'Plant sourses of n-3 Fatty Acids', Food Australia, 47(3), 514-517.Anon (2004) 'Effect of Soil and weather conditions and some agricultiral practices on yield and yield components in Linseed', Scientia Agriculturae Biochemica, 2(35), 52-56.Christie, W.W. (1982) Lipid Analysis, 2nd Edition ed., UK: Pregaman Press.Erasmus, U. (1995) Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill, Canada: ...

Flax project Part 1

1.0 Introduction In recent years the diversity of commercially available seeds has become limited with the demand for commercial crops. This has lead to biodiversity disappearing at an alarming rate. Until 1997 Ireland was the only country in Europe without a collection of native Irish cereal/oilseed varieties. In an attempt to alleviate this problem recent ...

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