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APOPTOSIS of Cancer Cells

Did you know that certain vitamins contained, for example, in garliccan make the malignant tumour cells commit suicide (APOPTOSISprocess)?After 30th April that won't be possible anymore ...The Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) is presented asa service to European citizens and as simple to apply.SEE : Directive 2004/24/EC of the European Parlament and of the ...


GM Freeze .Commenting Pete Riley of GM Freeze said:“We have always been concerned about the motives behind the FSA’s GM Dialogue, and now we have clear evidence that a company asked to carry out the work is already working for a biotechnology company to help them overcome public concerns and opposition.“Thank goodness the truth is ...

Landrace varieties

Landraces are plants grown from seeds which have not been systematically selected and marketed by seed companies or developed by plant breeders. A modern cultivar grown over a time by the farmers and not maintained as per the principles of maintenance breeding can ‘evolve’ into a landrace.A significant proportion of the world’s farmers grow landraces. Landraces ...

A research project run through the Irish Genetic Resource Trust (IGRCT)

Project Start and Completion Date:May 2002 - May 2004Project Co-Ordinator:The co-ordinator organization is the Genetic Resource Conservation Trust (IGRCT)Contact: Dr Trevor HodkinsonLecturer in Botany, Head of Molecular Laboratory and DNA BankDepartment of Botany, Trinity College, Dublin.Ph: 01 6081128. Fax: 01 6081147.Collaborator TCD:Dr Steve WaldronCurator/Administrator of Trinity College Botanic Garden (Manager of Irish ...

Pictures of the Cauliflower

Up to date pictures of some brassicas.Close-up of the Winter Roscoff cauliflower.  Beginning to open. Rows of cauliflowers just turning to flower.

Native Brassicas

Native BrassicasSynopsis of Proposal: Two main aims identified:1.To genetically and morphologically characterise in exsisting accessions.2. To grow out and generate seed from accessions within the collection to maintain viability.Part 2: Comments on the Proposal(a) Relevance to the measure.This project proposal conforms broadly with the main policy objectives. While the panel recognise and identify with the ...

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