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APPLE SCAB (Venturia inaequalis)

Apple scab is the most economically destructive disease of apples in the world, and it is the most destructive fungal disease affecting the home apple planting. It is most severe in regions that are cool, humid and rainy. If left untreated, it will cause green, brown, or black lesions on the leaves and corky areas ...

Pollination Partner

Question? Is the 'Mrs Perry' apple a suitable pollination partner for Cox's and Bramley? Answer: Mrs. Perry is in the mid-season flowering group. Cox's Orange Pippin is considered mid season as is bramley, however we currently do not have the trees growing in the same aspect, in the same orchard, so although information suggests that their flowering times should ...

Delivery of Graft Request

Irish Seed Savers Association Delivery of Graft Request Please find enclosed grafted trees according to your request. Please check that the package contains the number of grafted trees that you requested and paid for, each should be individually labelled. Note that the label may fade in time and may need to be replaced later (it is expected ...

Cider varieties

Question? I wonder do you have cider apple tree's similar to these below please.I would appreciate your help. Bitter sweet. Bisquet. Binet rouge. Frequin. Douce Moen. Mettais. Noel des Champs. Sweet varieties Rouge Duret. Douce coetigne Acid varieties Petit Jaune. Rambault. Cidor. Bitter varieties Judor. Avrolles. Answer: Best to try English’s nursery in Wexford: or Matthews in the UK:

Apple trees for Northern Ireland

Question: I was advised by the National Trust to contact you regarding advice on apple trees for Northern Ireland. I am looking to plant 5 oblique cordons in my garden (bareroot maiden whips)– 3 eaters (of which at least one good keeper) , 1 cooker and 1 good juicer. I live on the north coast of Northern ...

Advice as to varieties

Question: I want to buy two apple trees for my garden and would like some advice as to varieties. I find that some apples are quite acid (Cox’s pippins, Braeburn etc) and as I don’t know the names of your varieties, I don’t know how to choose. I’ve been advised to eat a more alkaline diet ...

Pollination Group Cooker

Question: I recently obtained a Lubera Era (the Redlove) apple tree as a present. This tree is apparently in the same pollination group as the Braeburn, although I am waiting on confirmation of this from Mr. Middleton. I would like to purchase a cooking apple variety that would be suitable for pollination with my Lubera. I am ...

Struggling Orchard

Question: I already have Scarlet Crofton, Sam Young, Red Stripe and Uncle Tom's cooker but they have not done all that well. Probably because I have not managed to keep them as free of grass competition as they need and partly I think because of the site, which is exposed and a thinish soil (reasonably ...

Economics of Organic orchard

Question: I am interested ! in an organic orchard and would like to know the economics of say 5 acres of apple trees and the work involved. Answer: Unfortunately we may not be the best source of information for this. We do not work to that scale with varieties for production to market. We have many varieties on ...

Historical importance to Northern Ireland

Question: My desire is to promote and sell fruit trees (apple, pear, plum etc.) to the general public for domestic growing I would like varieties of historical importance to Northern Ireland and the capability of producing a healthy and reasonable sized crop. I would also appreciate your advice on these crops and tree suppliers. Answer: Our website has a fruit ...

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