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Chocolate spot

QUESTION: I have an allotment space in Cork. I am growing some broad beans but in the last 2 weeks I have noticed some chocolate or rust like spots on the leaves of the plants also the tip of the flowers are going black and look like they are dying. The plants in general are continuing ...


GREENFLY/WHITEFLY - Grow Nasturtiums or Marigolds in small groups round the vegetable garden and among Tomatoes. Catmint or Lavendar will repel pests in the flower border and rose-bed. CARROT-FLY - Grow onions, leeks or perennial Tansy (which is the best) alongside your Carrots. BLACKFLY ON BROAD BEANS - Sow summer Savory seeds along the outside of your ...

Controlling weeds

Weeds will take water and nutrients away from your vegetables or flowers and they may harbour pests and diseases. You don’t need to spray toxic herbicides which are harmful to your pets; wildlife and your vegetables may hold the residue and so in turn may be harmful to you. There are several methods of removing weeds ...

The Organic look at weeds

Weeds are just plants that are growing in the wrong place, you can’t ever have a weed free garden learn to live with them like the facts of life they just are.  Weeds do compete for light, water, nutrients and of course growing space. If left unchecked they will overrun your cultivated land. If ...

Japanese Knotweed- A bug solution?

Here we have been sent a link to the BBC website and it explains how a bug called psyllid is being used already in Japan to combat the knotweed rampage, but will they use it in Britain and here in Ireland. It always puzzles me what these creatures are going to eat once they have ...


Slugs are no more or no less than snails, which have lost their shells. They come in many colours shapes and sizes and there are usually at least twelve varieties in the average garden. Not all of them are harmful to plants. Some large ones feed on fungi and dead organic matter and there are ...

Dealing with Garden Pests and Diseases

A easy to follow table: Garden Pests PEST WHAT THEY ATTACK CONTROL Birds Almost any plant, especially brassicas. Birds can completely destroy leafy crops, damage seedlings and uproot onion sets Wire netting hoops for seedlings. Netting for bigger plants. Horticultural fleece. Deer All vegetation and the bark of trees Electric fencing, installed by an expert. Rabbits All vegetation Wire netting ...

Carrot Root Fly

Carrot Root Fly (Psila rosae) is a serious pest. It can turn a profitable crop into one that is hard to sell due to the rusty red tunnels and brown marks that appear in the carrots. Life cycle In order to control Carrot Root Fly (CRT) it is helpful to understand its life cycle. The adult females (8mm ...

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