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‘Vermicompost’ is the product of process of composting using various species of worms, usually red wrigglers, white worms and earthworms, to create a mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste and bedding materials. This practise allows you to compost your food waste faster than you ever imagined, while producing the highest quality compost and ...

If in doubt leave it out – Heidi Lammiman, ISSA staff

There are two different types of compost heap, the cool heap and the hot heap. The Cool heap: The trick is to gather as much raw materials as you can to begin with for this heap. To start with lay about 30cm of woody stems on the ground this will help with the air flow and ...


Composting is at the very heart of all good gardens.  It can supply all the nutrients and minerals needed for the soil; it feeds worms and micro-organisms, also improving the soil’s structure and moisture retention.  Good composting converts many waste problems into top-quality garden soil improver.  Composting has definitely moved from being the sole ...

Hot & cold composts

These are best sited on bare earth you could lay down several layers of cardboard or newspaper then build the heap on top. Compost bins are best sited within easy accessibility to the garden and not too far from the kitchen; if there is such a spot.  You should make sure to leave easy access ...

Organic fertilisers

Taken from: A basic book of self reliance-The concise book of organic growing and small livestock- Meikd & David Watkins. These materials may be purchased. They are natural products and therefore readily assimiable by the plants. N% P% K% Hoof & horn 13 2 Slow release Seaweed  meal 3.5 0.2 2.3 S/release, trace elements Dried blood 13 0.8 Fast acting Fish meal 8 3 Bone meal 3 22 Must be steamed Rock potash 10 Insoluble, ...

Hot and cold manures

The manual of manures-Henry Vendelmans Farmyard manure differs, further, in accordance with the kind of animal that produces it, and in this respect it is distinguished as "hot" and "cold" manure. That of sheep, for example, is very hot, that of the horse hot. These contain relatively little water and much nitrogenous matter. They are ...

Manures in general

The manual of manures (Taken from Henry Vendelmans- The manual of manures.) Acid- Acids are chemical compounds, having the property when brought in contact with bases, and associating with them, of forming salts, at the same time losing their acidity. An acid soil, therefore, is one in which acid predominates. In other words it is ...

Comfrey – A Gardener’s Best Friend

Comfrey (Symphytum Officinale) is a native woodland plant, growing best in moist soil, on sunnier woodland edges and can be found growing wild.However, in the garden, a hybrid S x Uplandicum, commonly known as Russian Comfrey or Bokeing 14, is usually grown as unlike the native plant, it does not set seed and thus became a ...

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