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Grow Brussels Sprouts in Containers

Brussels sprouts naturally grow vertically into tall stalks without support, making them a suitable addition to a space-saving container garden. Brussels sprouts grow best in cool weather, and they may fail to form sprouts if it's too hot. Usually we'd plant them in early summer for an Autumn crop. Fill a large pot  (12-inch ...

Top Dressing

Most gardeners incorporate compost (either shop bought or made from their own compost bins) into their garden's soil, but compost can also be used as a topdressing (or mulch).  Placing compost directly on the soil has several advantages.  It helps keep down weeds and holds moisture in the soil, and the compost also slowly releases ...

Planting Summer Bulbs

Most bulbs need a well-draining site, to prevent molding and rotting.   Amending the soil with compost or manure will help the bulbs grow, bloom and store energy.  In general, you plant bulbs about three times and deep as their diameter.   The package the bulbs come in usually tells you the planting depth for ...

Planting early Potatoes

The ‘chitted’ potatoes are ready for planting when the sprouts are about 2cm long and they can be planted outside towards the end of March.  Plant either in a drill or in individual holes in the soil, 7-15 cm deep, with the sprouts pointing upwards and cover with at least 2.5 cm of soil.  Space ...

Sowing Onions and Scallions/Shallots for a yearly quota

Onions are members of the Allium family and a popular crop.   There are three main groups of onions: salad or spring onions, which are sown in the autumn or spring, the autumn sown varieties for early bulbs, and the early sown kinds for late keeping.  It is well documented that onions are good for ...

Dividing Plants in the Spring

Many perennial (Definition: Perennials are considered to be plants that do not die after one season of growth.  In fact many perennials are considered to be short-lived, lasting only 2-3 years. Some flowers are very short lived perennials, but because they self-seed so readily,  they appear to live much longer) plants grow in an ever ...

Trials and tribulations of growing and farming this summer

Ollie Moore the journalist was looking for stories of the trials and tribulations of growing and farming this summer. If anyone wants to contact him he can be emailed at who knows it may even be therapeutic. I'm also on 086 8047854 if people prefer to talk Ollie


Tomatoes will thrive in a greenhouse in midsummer with the right light, warmth, water and feed. But there's no point in ruining your hard work by watching the plant collapse under its own weight, when some simple staking will save the day. Nor do you want too many leaves when it's the precious fruits you ...

Create a wildflower meadow

If you have a patch of lawn in an open, sunny site, it could be transformed into a wildflower meadow. Apart from providing cover and food for wildlife, it requires far less maintenance than a traditional lawn and can be planted with a wide range of wildflowers to provide interest from spring to the end ...

What is Mulch?

Mulch is any type of material that is spread or laid over the surface of the soil as a covering. It is used to retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, keep the soil cool and make the garden bed look more attractive. Organic mulches also help improve the soil’s fertility, as they decompose. Organic Mulch Examples ...

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