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Nature Connection Series – 2) Scavenger Hunt

This outdoor activity is often used in forest schools. It encourages nature connection and free exploration through meaningful encounters with the environment.

LOCATION: Ideally in a woodland or somewhere with biodiversity
AGE: 6+ (for younger kids still learning to read, you can call out the words on the list)
DEVELOPMENT: Curiosity, nature connection, exercise, teamwork, communication
KIT: Scavenger hunt list and a basket/bag to collect the objects

Children can play in pairs or on their own. Each person/team has a scavenger list and a basket. Make the list simple and fun, here’s a sample.

Try to find….
Something Slimy
Something Green
Something that smells yucky
Something the same size as your thumb
Something starting with the letter L
4 different fallen leaves.

Let children and adults agree on the boundaries before starting. It can be a nice idea to mark the boundaries as a group and agree on it together, this is especially important if it is taking place in a large area.

Remind them not to pick anything that is rare, if they see things that are in abundance then it’s ok to pick

When everyone has gathered the objects on their list, gather everyone together and look at what each child has collected. Discuss the objects they found, what they might like or dislike about them, what type of insects might live on them or eat them, what their uses are etc.


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