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Nature Connection Series – 1) Journey Stick

This is a walking activity that allows children free exploration of the natural world, picking up things along the way that inspire them for their own personal reasons. This activity encourages children to be wholly present, looking, seeing, touching, smelling and encountering the natural world fully.

Native Aboriginals used “journey sticks” to record their travels and to help them retell their stories. They would tie different objects on their stick to represent things they had encountered on their journeys.

LOCATION: Woodland
AGE: 4 +
DEVELOPING: Nature connection, motor skills, creativity, appreciation of nature, communication
KIT: String/wool in different colours, elastic bands in different colours

  1. Plan a route with a start and an end point.
  2. Let the child/children know that we will all be going on a journey and that we can tell a story about our adventure afterwards.
  3. Every child can go and find a stick of their choice. Tell them this stick will record the wonderful moments along the journey and it will help us to tell a story later on.
  4. Explain how we can attach things to the stick with elastic bands and wool.
  5. As they start walking, remind them to record anything they want, things they see, hear, taste, touch and smell, it can all be a part of their walking stick journey. Let them know some of the items not to touch like broken glass or dangerous items.
  6. The first item goes at the top of the stick and represents the beginning of the journey and the last item goes at the bottom for the ending. This helps with retelling the story.
  7. When you get to the end of the walking point, gather together and share your journeys. Ask questions about why they chose that stick and listen to them tell their journey story, when they finish ask them some questions about their adventure.


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