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Life on the farm

Due to phenomenal demand, we have had to take our seeds offline to allow us time to catch up and process the hundreds of orders placed over the last week. Our supporter seed order season has come to an end but any orders received by April 30th are being processed. New supporters will be able to sign up from the end of May. By being a supporter you will benefit from discounts but also be first to receive our 2021 seed catalogue.

If you would like more information on becoming a supporter please email Jamie at

We are continuing to work under the current guidelines regarding Covid and this has made things a little bit more challenging onsite but luckily we have had a nice extended spell of good weather, this has allowed us to get a lot of work done. May is an extremely busy month for planting out, tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot, runner beans, kale, broccoli, winter cabbage and cauliflowers will all be planted in May and there will be constant potting on, pricking out, hardening off of seedlings before being planting outside.

A woad shoot still attached to the seed, a rare sight for a ‘flat’ seed.

In the orchards, grass is really starting to shoot up but with the recent warm sunny weather we have been able to keep on top of it and ensure it doesn’t creep up around the base of the trees. Our green pathways are mowed nice and short, but we allow the grass to grow elsewhere, providing a lovely habitat for smaller animals.

Flower blossoms are appearing on our young trees now, but we must pick off these blossoms to prevent fruit developing and allow that energy to be redirected into developing strong branches. This is delicate, time consuming work, so we are definitely happy we can do this work while the sun is shining.

The recent warm sunny weather has helped the young trees leaf out and buds have burst on with the new growing season. Potted trees are being hooked up to automatic irrigation drippers and once we have that set up we can pray for more sunshine for the rest of the Summer! Grafted trees are getting close attention at the moment; rootstock shoots are being rubbed off as they appear over the next 8 weeks and flower buds are being removed. Both of these tasks concentrate the young tree’s resources into shoot growth. Graft ties will also be removed.


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