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Seed Week 2019 – Cloughjordan Eco Village

Nestled in north Tipperary in the Irish midlands, the village of Cloughjordan is home to its own ecovillage – a 67 acre site where 130 people live work and play. The place provides a nurturing environment for its residents, an immersive educational setting for communities and universities across Ireland who regularly visit, and acts as an international research model on how we make the transition to a low-carbon society.

Cloughjordan Eco Village

Along with lots of shared spaces – allotments, community and research gardens, amphitheatre, the Wecreate workspace and more – we have our very own Cloughjordan Community Farm, a (CSA) Community Supported Agriculture initiative. CSA is a direct partnership based on the human relationship between people and producers, where the risks, responsibilities and rewards of farming are shared, through a long-term, binding agreement.

The Community farm in Cloughjordan is a cooperative food initiative that ensures a livelihood for two food producers and secures a supply of healthy and locally grown food to 75 families, two-thirds from the Ecovillage and one third from the wider area of Cloughjordan.

Cloughjordan Community Farm is a guardian for the Irish Seed Savers Association which conserves Ireland’s special and threatened plant genetic resources. Seeds are a great way to bring people together too: to swap and to learn from each other.

Kevin Dudley – Teaching a Seed Saving workshop

This is the core purpose of Feeding Ourselves, an annual conference held in Cloughjordan designed to find and share best practices for the land, soil, climate and rural communities. This year’s event runs from 22nd to 24th March, with the main conference and evening time schedule happening on Saturday 23rd in the WeCreate workspace in Cloughjordan’s ecovillage.

Feeding Ourselves is where we bring people involved in agroecological approaches to farming and food together to try to help them develop the various and interlinked strands. We’re also integrating seed sovereignty into the programme, with a seed swap for the wider community on the Sunday of our weekender.and a farm walk. On the walk, regenerative practices and the seed saving work we do will be showcased.

The community owned and operated farm in Cloughjordan uses agroecological principles, which, for them, means they save open pollinated seeds without the need for fridges.  This helps us cut down on our seed bills and it’s also a very resilient way to cope with our changing climate and the specifics of our own site.

Cloughjordan Community Farm

In April and October, we are running half day seed saving courses, where the focus is on open pollinated seeds, and farm-based and fridge-free seed saving. Farm based makes it relevant to food producers, giving them a practical example of a real life seed saving situation. Doing so fridge-free has both a climate change mitigation and adaptation element, while also being more affordable.

This short film introduces this seed saving course and gives a great overview of what is happening on the Community farm in Cloughjordan Ecovillage.  With farming and the environment facing multiple, interlinked crises, now is the time to come together and try to work out better approaches.

Davie Philip

Community Resilience Manager
GROW Place Catalyst


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