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Why Gardening Is Such A Rewarding Hobby

There have been numerous studies that suggest gardening has beneficial effects, from something as minor as improving physical fitness to studies that imply it may very well lower the risk of dementia. The time people spend gardening also tends to lead to an increase in Vitamin D and may improve bone density and health. Furthermore, it also has positive sociological effects, making you more likely to interact with others and enjoy communication.

Improved Mentality

Gardening has been directly associated with improvements to mental health in a variety of ways. One study suggested that it could decrease the likelihood of dementia in elderly gardeners by up to thirty per cent. Dementia isn’t the only mental illness whose effects scientists have suggested gardening suppresses, though. The extra sunlight and time spent around plants and living things are also linked to improved moods and happier livelihoods in adults of all ages.

Improved Physical Health

Another study found that senior citizens who gardened were more active, and were more mobile at equivalent ages to their non-gardening counterparts. If you garden, you may also see an increase in your Vitamin D intake, one study shows. Vitamin D is directly linked to bone health, so spending more time outdoors can lessen the chances of an accident.

Social Benefits

If you grow flowers or care for plants, you’re more likely to want to share what you’ve learned from that experience and talk with others. Gardening has been directly linked to a decrease in depression and loneliness, as well as other socially crippling diseases. You can also choose what you grow in your garden, and many choose to grow vegetables or edible plants, which can improve your health and be a product to share with others in their own right.

Smell the Roses

Gardening is a rewarding hobby for no small number of reasons. The things you grow in a garden can be edible plants that improve your diet, while the sun and outdoors can improve your health all on their own. Gardening can also lower your risk of contracting any number of mental illnesses and may help to reduce their effects. And gardening can be a social hobby, giving you something to communicate with others about to swap stories or tricks you’ve learned.

By Cassie Steele

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