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Learn how to Graft your own trees – In a one day workshop

What is Tree Grafting?

Grafting involves joining together parts of two plants to function as a single plant. One of the plants provides the lower trunk and root system, this is called the stock or rootstock. The other plant provides the upper portion (stems, leaves, flowers and fruit) that has the desirable characteristics (beautiful flowers or delicious fruit) called the scion.

The rootstock and scion must be closely related and compatible for the graft to be successful.

There are many grafting and budding techniques. But in general, a wound of some type is made on the stock plant. A piece of the scion plant is then inserted into the wound.

We practice mainly ‘whip and tongue’ and ‘rind’ grafting.

Why Graft a tree?

Grafting allows you to create exact genetic duplicates of superior individual plants.

If you find a superior apple tree, for instance, grafting allows the efficient creation of thousands of apple trees with those exact, superior characteristics.

If you have a particularly tasty apple tree and you could like to grow another of the same variety you must graft it to ensure it is the same variety, if you where to simply plant a seed from the apple itself it would grow a completely different variety, as the apple blossoms cross pollinates with other apple tree’s creating different varieties when the seed is planted.

Also, a grafted fruit tree will blossom and produce sooner than those propagated by seeds (which do not produce genetically identical offspring) or cuttings.

Grafting also may provide other benefits. Grafting a plant whose roots are prone to a soil disease onto a rootstock that is resistant to that disease would allow that plant to grow successfully where it would otherwise have problems.

Why attend the Grafting workshop?

The history and theory of grafting will be covered briefly. Tools will be introduced and participants will practice grafting techniques, mainly ‘whip and tongue’ and ‘rind’ grafting.

Each participant will be able to graft their own tree to take home. If you wish to bring scion wood from your own tree to propagate make sure it is good quality, 1 year old growth that is free of disease.

After attending the workshop you will gain sufficient knowledge to graft your own trees, the materials needed can be purchased in our on-site shop.


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