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Just read this. Are seeds available? Meet Amaranth, the \"King of All Grains\" and Monsanto\'s sworn enemy. Pigweed, a common variety of amaranth is the very plant which has become a resistant \"superweed\" that is now somewhat immune to Monsanto\'s Round Up; it also happens to be actually MORE nutrient rich than the beloved quinoa ...

List of varieties for graft requests from ISSA orchards

If you have visited our orchards and found a fruit you are interested in but it is not available from our catalogue, you may request it to be grafted, please see the list below.  Then contact our office and we fill out the graft request form. From the hill orchard appletown wonder, ard cairn ...

Press Release – Tide Turns on GM Agriculture

Press Release: Date: 15th February 2013 Tide Turns on GM Agriculture A vote of no confidence in GM technology came last week from a surprising source, US farmers. After increased pest resistance and crop failures in GM crops, resulting in smaller yields than their non-GM counterparts, farmers are considering a return to conventional seed. Reverting back ...

Global Alliance for Seed Freedom

Dear Seed keepers and seed warriors, On behalf of Navdanya, I write to invite you to become part of a Global Citizens Alliance for Seed Freedom - the start of a global campaign to alert citizens and governments around the world on how precarious our seed supply has become – and as a consequence how ...


Press Release Issued by no2gm 05.09.2012 If ever it were appropriate to apply the legal maxim “Justice delayed is Justice denied” the developments at the High Court yesterday was the perfect example of how this maxim is still true today. no2gm along with 11 other independent individuals were denied their rights as EU citizens by the court ...

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