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Invasive Species Ireland

This website acts as a gateway to Invasive Species Ireland. From here, users will be able to find information on a range of species, policy related to individual species or groups of species, and action plans to deal with species that threaten the biodiversity and economies of Ireland.

Why working 21 hours a week can create a more economically robust, low carbon world

New Economics Foundation Friday, 9th March 2012 "Money that you don't have, to spend on things you don't need, to create impressions that won't last on people you don't care about..." Tim Jackson, Professor of Sustainable Devlopment, Surrey University In the UK and USA particularly we work long hours yet we are getting poorer, not only financially but in ...

Russia is watching the highly dangerous IMPUNITY developments in Europe

By William Finnerty Will "final" really mean "final" on Referendum Day (May 31st 2012)? :::::::: For most normal people the word "final" means "final": as in "occurring at the end", "concluding", "ultimate", "last", and, "having no possibility for further discussion, action, or change"; but, not so for the corrupt lawyers who are hell-bent on violating and undermining the ...

Atlas of Irish science and engineering treasures

Was launched last week, and we’re delighted to report that we've had lots of interest already. The initiative is aimed at promoting awareness and encouraging people to visit the sites of scientific interest in their area. The atlas  has categories of Astronomy, Engineering, Gardens and Botany, Geology and Earth Science and Wildlife and Natural History. The ...

Apple Tree Pruning by Dave Breslin,ISSA staff

Apple tree pruning happens mostly in winter, when the trees are dormant. Most apple trees grown in home gardens are spurring types. A spur is a short (3-5" / 7-12cm) branch where the apple tree flowers and sets fruit. Pruning encourages the tree to grow more of these fruiting spurs by removing competing suckers and ...

Global Crop Diversity Trust

U.S. President Harry Truman was renowned for being blunt. Reportedly, at a speech to a Washington garden club, he kept referring to the fact that flowers need manure. Now, in those days, even the word “manure” was a little extreme for such ladies, and afterwards one complained to Mrs. Truman. “Can’t you get the President ...

Documentary on Seeds from Ireland to India

Title Documentary on Seeds from Ireland to India Content A documentary on Seeds from Ireland to India will be broadcast at 6pm Monday 7th May on Clare FM. Do tune in and listen. Clare FM Session 4 mixdown.mp3 Clare FM Session 5 mixdown.mp3

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