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APOPTOSIS of Cancer Cells

Did you know that certain vitamins contained, for example, in garliccan make the malignant tumour cells commit suicide (APOPTOSISprocess)?After 30th April that won’t be possible anymore …The Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) is presented asa service to European citizens and as simple to apply.SEE : Directive 2004/24/EC of the European Parlament and of the Council of31 March 2004, close examination of its methods in practice demonstrates that thereality will be an egregious abridgement of the rights of individuals toobtain and use the health treatments they choose.While it benefits citizens for governmental agencies to advise on efficacyand safety of products that have been commonly and freely used by utilisinga particular method of inquiry, that information may not address the needsof individuals and presumes that there is only one system for obtainingaccurate and beneficial information. That is equivalent to allowing only onereligion as the accepted source of truth.The costs and systems required by THMPD are generally not manageable bysmall manufacturers, which are the predominant suppliers of herbal products.This results in an unfair competitive advantage to multinationalcorporations, which ultimately limits the individual’s access to quality andselection in herbal medicinal products.With THMPD, the European Union has overstepped and is severely restrictingthe unwritten rights of each human being to choose and access methods ofmanaging health. It is a dangerous usurpation of civil rights that assumesthe individual does not have the ability to make proper health decisions.Self-determination in matters of health must be treated as an inherent civilright, and THMPD is an abrogation of it.Read this to see the sort of madness that the EU Commission is alreadyenacting–and that you may help stop by signing this petition.SEE:  ANH-Briefing Paper———-We call on the European Commission to stop the Traditional Herbal MedicinalProducts Directive (THMPD), Directive 2004/24/EC, which is set to removeaccess to the vast majority of herbal medicinal products beginning 30 April2011.THMPD abridges the rights of each European citizen to self-determination inmanaging health. It goes far beyond reasonable controls over dangerousproducts, and enters the realm of coercion by limiting options for treatinghealth issues.The public’s access to herbal products that have traditionally been freelyavailable must continue uninterrupted.IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE OF THIS EMAIL THAT CAME INTO US, I WILL GLADLY SEND YOU IT IN ITS ENTIRETY


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