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Over-fruiting trees – is there such a thing?

I purchased apple trees from you last Autumn. They nearly all have crops of apples on them and I am wondering if this burden of fruit is too much for such young trees to carry? Might the growth of the apples take from the development of the trees? Some have up to 17 - 20 apples on ...

American Mother & Beauty of Bath Apple trees

If you are  looking for the two varieties of apple tree, the first one is called American mother and the second one is called beauty bath. We have both of these varieties growing in our orchard however we did not propagate either for this years nursery sale. But we do offer a graft request service ...

Bolivia Set to Pass Historic ‘Law of Mother Earth’ Which Will Grant Nature Equal Rights to Humans f-mother-earth-which-will-grant-nature-equal-rights-to-humans

Raspberries – Planting, training and after care.

Planting Raspberries prefer full sunshine but can tolerate a little shade for part of the day. Shelter must be provided because the canes will be damaged by rubbing against the support wires. Plant about 30 to 40 centimetres apart and space rows about two metres apart. Raspberries can be planted against a wall, fruit being carried ...

Raspberries – A guide to…….

Often the first season’s crop on raspberries as with a lot of soft fruit bushes can be quite tiny due to establishment of roots, however with correct pruning and feeding next seasons crop will be more bountiful. Carry out the first pruning the following spring after planting, do this when the new raspberry shoots start to ...

Delivery of Graft Request – 3

If the young grafted tree: Flowers or begins to form fruit… The same caution still applies to your young tree: Do not handle the upper portion of the tree above the graft union, it is still too weak and vulnerable. The below photo sequence should provide a useful guide: Pinch out all flower buds as shown above. ...

20th May 2011 ezine

Controlling weeds

Weeds will take water and nutrients away from your vegetables or flowers and they may harbour pests and diseases. You don’t need to spray toxic herbicides which are harmful to your pets; wildlife and your vegetables may hold the residue and so in turn may be harmful to you. There are several methods of removing weeds ...

The Organic look at weeds

Weeds are just plants that are growing in the wrong place, you can’t ever have a weed free garden learn to live with them like the facts of life they just are.  Weeds do compete for light, water, nutrients and of course growing space. If left unchecked they will overrun your cultivated land. If ...

Enjoy fruit

Strawberries, now they have fruited and are still growing, can be layered very easily ready for next season’s bountiful bed.  The small plantlets that develop on the runner-like stalks are better to be pegged down into small pots, in loamy soil in situ; so damage to the roots won’t occur when lifting.  Choose the ...

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