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How to make a bark rubbing


Plain paper, not too thick, but fairly strong. Craft paper would be idealAn assortment of coloured wax crayons. (Pencils can be used instead, but are harder for the children to use without damaging the paper).Sellotape or masking tape.Take a piece of paper, securing it to the surface of the tree bark with sticky tape at a suitable height for the children to reach. Once this is in place, take a wax crayon and gently rub the paper against the rough surface of the bark using an up-and-down motion (using the long side of the crayon, rather than the tip can sometimes make a clearer pattern, and be easier for the child to use). As you do so, the pattern of the bark beneath will gradually be revealed onto the paper.zBarkRubbingPicOnce the paper has been covered, remove the taped paper, being careful not to damage the trees. These images can now be taken back to the classroom for examination and discussion.Each child could do one copy, or they could just do a copy of every different type of tree they can find in the school grounds, or on a school visit. If enough trees of one type are present, they could do rubbings of them all, and see how they differ or are similar pattern.*Plasticine or clay can also be used directly onto the trunk’s surface to show all the trunks important features. Take a rectangle about 2-3 cm thick, place it flat upon the trunk and remove to reveal.


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