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Food chain crossword

How much do you know about food chains?

See if you can solve the clues and find out who eats who!


1. These decomposers live in the soil and have no legs.

2.  What creatures break down plants and animals and return this into the soil for other organisms to use?

3.  These are the only part of a food chain that can create it’s own energy source, what are they called?

4.  A herbivore with a wooly coat

5.  These consumers have stripes, and live in the jungle.

6.  These creatures can be carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. they also do crossword puzzles!


1.  In a food chain, what eats both plants and animals?

2.  What part of a food chain cannot create it’s own energy or break down other organisms?

3.  These are the base of most food chains and have the ability to create their own energy, what are they?

4.  These animals only eat plants.


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