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A typical food chain example

All food chains begin with a producer, and so green plants such as grass will form the bottom of a basic chain.FoodChainGrassPic

Above the plants come the Herbivore consumers. These animals, like hares or rabbits only eat plants, like grass. Such animals form the link in the food chain.FoodChainHarePic

After that, would come Onmivore consumers, who eat both animals and plants. Humans usually come under this description.FoodChainPersonPic

Carnivore consumers such as dogs and cats, naturally eat meat. In the wild, they would eat both Omnivore and Herbivore consumers.FoodChainDogPic

When any of these consumers everntually die, they are slowly broken down by Decomposers, such as worms, fungi or bacteria.FoodChainFungiPic

Once broken down into their basic elements, the nutriets are returned again into the natural environment.This is nature’s way of recycling!


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