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Food chain crossword

How much do you know about food chains? See if you can solve the clues and find out who eats who! Across: 1. These decomposers live in the soil and have no legs. 2.  What creatures break down plants and animals and return this into the soil for other organisms to use? 3.  These are the only part of ...

Seed viability testing

With seed testing, the easiest way is to wet some kitchen paper and leave it on a saucer in a warm place. Keep the paper damp for a week to 10 days (cover with cling film preventing evaporation). Certain bigger seeds e.g. beans need to be sown in compost.

Sowing Flax seed

There are many ways to sow Flax. You can broadcast them if you wanted a whole patch, or sow them in shallow drills which we actually prefer.We spaced the drills 8" apart so that we could hoe between them to suppress weeds. They can certainly grow much closer than this if weeds aren't an issue. ...

Apple tree word jumble

Can you find 12 parts of an apple tree? Apple           Branch            Blossom           RootsStalk             Bark                  Fruit                  BudFlower       ...

A typical food chain example

All food chains begin with a producer, and so green plants such as grass will form the bottom of a basic chain. Above the plants come the Herbivore consumers. These animals, like hares or rabbits only eat plants, like grass. Such animals form the link in the food chain. After that, would come Onmivore consumers, who eat ...

How to make a bark rubbing

Materials: Plain paper, not too thick, but fairly strong. Craft paper would be idealAn assortment of coloured wax crayons. (Pencils can be used instead, but are harder for the children to use without damaging the paper).Sellotape or masking tape.Take a piece of paper, securing it to the surface of the tree bark with sticky tape at ...

Landrace varieties

Landraces are plants grown from seeds which have not been systematically selected and marketed by seed companies or developed by plant breeders. A modern cultivar grown over a time by the farmers and not maintained as per the principles of maintenance breeding can ‘evolve’ into a landrace.A significant proportion of the world’s farmers grow landraces. Landraces ...

How to take a leaf rubbing

Materials:Plain paper as for bark rubbing.Wax crayons or black pencils.Sellotape or masking tape.This activity is best carried out in the autumn, when the tree naturally loses its leaves. Removing leaves any other time of the year should be avoided as this could damage the tree. Collect fresh specimens from several different trees and bring them ...

Tree Mask

One to cut out and keep

Nutrient recycling

In the winter the apple tree branches are bare.The tree recycles its own leaves with the help of the decomposers. So that new leaves and fruit can develop.In the Autumn the apple tree drops its leaves.The leaves are pulled into the  soil by worms and other decomposers,  and then broken down.Once the decomposers have broken down ...

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