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Biodynamic Tree paste

We are no longer offering the bio-dynamic tree paste for sale,  mainly as it is a cheap and easy preparation to make, but costs a fortune to send through the post,  so for those who want to have a go themselves here is the 'recipe' and some useful instructions.  The tree paste has proved a ...

Planting an Orchard-REPS 4 Supplementary Measure Traditional Irish Orchards

The Irish Seed Savers Association (ISSA) is at the moment, the only outlet for the purchasing of Native Irish Apple trees. The main objective of ISSA is to halt the depletion of our native agricultural biodiversity, and to support our plant resource by recreating orchards containing traditional varieties of native Irish fruit trees we want ...

Summer Apples by Kevin Dudley

You don't have to go back that far in time to find that the apple was a seasonal fruit. When the last of the apples that stored well had been eaten and the preserves of bottled fruit and jams were getting short, the 'summer apples' were the first of the apples to ripen, were ready ...

Apple Folk Customs

There are many myths, legends and folk customs associated with apples. Here is a small selection extracted from The Irish Apple: History and Myth...Apples were saved for the last night in January, St Brigid's Eve, and a griddle apple cake was part of the feast that followed the making of the Brigid's crosses.Apple dumplings were ...

Antique Apple Names by Max Robinson

The following definitions of some old pomological terms come from the Oxford English Dictionary, but I have put them in my own words. The dates are the first use of that word for which the dictionary has a record.Codling An immature or green apple. The codling moth attacks apples when they are immature. Probably also ...

Heritage Garden and Orchard group tours Year Round

Garden tours by appointment: €8.00/person including tea and coffee. Aimed at community, allotment and garden groups. Our experienced gardeners will guide you through approximately 8 hectares of organic vegetable gardens, polytunnels and orchards. You will be given detailed information on our organic methods including green manures, crop rotations, composting, pest and ...

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