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Flax project-Bibliography

  Allman, M. (1995) 'Plant sourses of n-3 Fatty Acids', Food Australia, 47(3), 514-517.Anon (2004) 'Effect of Soil and weather conditions and some agricultiral practices on yield and yield components in Linseed', Scientia Agriculturae Biochemica, 2(35), 52-56.Christie, W.W. (1982) Lipid Analysis, 2nd Edition ed., UK: Pregaman Press.Erasmus, U. (1995) Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill, Canada: ...

The nutritional power of apples

ISSA has received a grant from the Department of Agriculture to study the nutritional and medicinal properties of native apple varieties.  Cormac Griffith (orchard manager) and his colleagues are busy testing 20 varieties with a refractometer, an instrument that uses refracted light to measure the nutrients contained within the fruit.  They combine these measurements with ...

Pictures of the Cauliflower

Up to date pictures of some brassicas.Close-up of the Winter Roscoff cauliflower.  Beginning to open. Rows of cauliflowers just turning to flower.

Native Brassicas

Native BrassicasSynopsis of Proposal: Two main aims identified:1.To genetically and morphologically characterise in exsisting accessions.2. To grow out and generate seed from accessions within the collection to maintain viability.Part 2: Comments on the Proposal(a) Relevance to the measure.This project proposal conforms broadly with the main policy objectives. While the panel recognise and identify with the ...

Documentary movie’Our seeds Blong Yumi’

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